Published Works


Australia Post – “Christmas Island Fish” May 2013 – Cocos Angelfish

Australia Post – “Cocos (Keeling) Islands 50 Years of Stamps – Folder & stamp 2013

Australia Post – “Cocos Butterfly” 2012 issue – background flowers

Australia Post – ” Skies of Cocos” 2012 stamp issue

Australia Post – World Wide Fund for Nature: Kat the Dugong Postcard 2012

Australia Post “The 2011 Australian Territories Collection of Stamps” featuring:
“Colours of Cocos” & “Cocos (Keeling) Islands Boats”
Folder Cover with montage of fish images

Australia Post – “Colours of Cocos” 20 stamp issue of macro underwater images from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands incl:
Postcards series & Folder cover

Australia Post – Cover Stamp Bulletin # 308 Jan-Feb 2011

Australia Post – Cocos Boat 2011 Series

Australia Post Cocos Flora – 2010 Series

Australia Post – Cocos (Keeling) Islands Series 2009

Royal Mail UK – Charles Darwin Stamp Series


University of Western Australia – Fish ID Report Cocos Islands

Community Support Association (CSA) Cambodia

Australian Traveller Magazine – Cover Issue 50 Collectors Edition April 2013

Island Explorer Holidays – Cocos Brochure

Channel 7 – Refugee Arrivals – 2012/2013

The Age / The Australian / Sydney Morning Herald / Western Australian – Refugee Arrivals – 2012/2013

Ecology and Conservation of Sirenia: Dugongs and Manatees – James Cook University

Bali Animal Welfare Association – Fundraising

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Tourism – Branding Images for Marketing

Art for the Ocean – Sea Shepherd Fundraising

Featured images in “In the Shadow of the Eagle” by Kevin Gomm

Prestige Postcards for Virgin Blue Airlines – Voted most popular postcard

DTS Group Town Planning & Surveying – Qld | Go 55’s Magazine

The Press – Christchurch Newspaper, NZ

Best of Travel – Germany

Senior Traveller

James Cook University

Canwest Interactive

TNT Magazine

Curtin University

Australian Government – Geoscience Australia

Perth Airport Magazine | Inflight Magazine – cover

Kiteboard Magazine

Senior Traveller

FlyLife Magazine 2010

FlyLife Magazine 2009

Travelling In Australia Magazine

Scoop Travelling Magazine

Australian Traveller

Perth Woman

Discovery Books – UK publication

Australien – German publication

West Australian Newspaper

Sydney Morning Herald

Bramble EDRM Consultancy – UK

Neville Coleman’s Nudibranch Encyclopedia

Marine Mammals of the World – USA publication

Marine Conservation Books for Thai Children – Thailand publication


Dive Log Magazine – editorial