Landscape and underwater photography are my first loves and one of the comments I find myself making continuously is “give me fish above people any day….”! Having said that, I do enjoy street and environmental portrait photography.  During a recent visit to Cambodia, I felt privileged capturing folk going about their everyday lives in the markets, praying, eating, playing and working.  They were more than happy to have their days documented by my camera and I can’t thank these beautiful generous people enough.

My Cambodian is terrible (as my daughter, Kire will attest), yet with an attempt at hello and thank you and a simple lingering handshake,  a polite request and a friendly gesture enabled me to photograph the real Cambodian people. The children are so beautiful; they have nothing, yet they laugh and smile, the victims of war; amputees who still want to work; the elderly whose lives are destined to beg in order to live; the deranged who I’m sure suffered horrific atrocities at the hands of Pol Pot and brought tears to my eyes, all these images make up my “People” gallery.