Christmas Island

Christmas Island, the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ with unique birds, migrating red crabs and plentiful marine life. Sheer limestone and volcanic rock cliffs form the 80km coastline of the island.  There are beaches as such, however the drop into an abyss of crystal clear turquoise blue waters is simply spectacular.

Christmas Island is famous for its annual migration of Red Crabs that travel from the depths of the jungle all the way to the edge of the ocean to dig their burrows, mate, spawn and clamber back up the hill to where they started. This is some journey, a treacherous 8km or more, driven by instinct to reach the shore. Many fall victim to vehicles, others perish in the heat and during spawning and many simply drown. Weeks after the spawning, the red tide goes the other way, as tiny crabs return from the ocean and make their way to the jungle. And so the cycle goes full circle.

The diving is just as mesmerising, with sheer drop-offs into the blue abyss, limestone caves to explore and creatures small and large, the largest being the majestic whaleshark. I love Christmas Island, affectionately known by Cocos residents as “the Rock”; it is so different from my little sandbar, but each share something in common, the beauty, the peacefulness and best of all, being part of Australia.