Cambodia, a land of magnificent temples and beautiful friendly people who always have a welcoming smile on their faces.

I wasn’t sure what to expect travelling to Cambodia however I went with an open mind and have returned with a love for the people and the countryside. The purpose of my visit was not only to see and photograph the awe inspiring temples and surrounding landscape, it was also to meet with the people of the Community Support Association with whom I have been corresponding and whom I have helped support for the past 18 months.

Being able to see first hand how a small band of dedicated Cambodians and Australians have made such an enormous difference to the villagers of Bos and Somrong is very rewarding. These gracious and humble people are not looking for a “hand out” butrather a “hand up” so they can move towards a sustainable and brighter future. Through donations, projects such as wells, clean water projects, family sponsorships and pushbikes for students to enable them to attend school are able to continue. No matter how small or large the gift, it is appreciated by everyone.

The Community Support Association (CSA) is always showing initiative on ways to provide further income for the villagers by involving them with tourism. By utilising the knowledge of the local villagers organised bike tours, Siem Reap Ride, Khmer Tractor (KT) and oxen cart tours are now up and running. These experience are totally well worthwhile and are a must do on the list. The best reward is knowing that 100% of the tour money is going back to the people of the villages.

In 2015 I am hoping a small group of people will join me in experiencing Cambodia as I have this year. If you are interested please fill out my Contacts Page and I will email you back with a planned itinerary. I envisage travelling either late July early August or end of September 2014

In the meantime, should you wish to make a donation to CSA, please email Allison at: CSA Email